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Korean Giant and Chojuro Pears

Picture taken by Tim Peceniak

KOREAN GIANT has the largest fruit of any of the Asian pears. This globe-shaped fruit can weigh more than a pound. It ripens the first week in September with a golden-tan color. This pear is delicious when first picked but even better when chilled. The flesh is very crisp, juicy, and sweet, with a mildly spicy edge. This asian pear will keep for weeks when refrigerated.

Asian pears are a delicacy quite unlike European pears. One standout in Northwest gardens is ‘Korean Giant’ (also known as ‘Large Korean’ or ‘Olympic’). 

‘Korean Giant’ is well suited to Sunset climate zones 2–7 and 17. It thrives in full sun and loamy soil but will tolerate heavy, wet soil. To produce fruit, ‘Korean Giant’ needs cross-pollination from another Asian pear variety growing nearby or from a European pear that blooms at the same time. This is the most fire blight resistant of all asians pears.