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Apples On Oak
FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:    Why are the trunks of the trees painted white?
A:    The white paint reflects solar heat in the winter to prevent the bark from splitting.

Q:    What is the purpose of the red pop cans that hang on the tree?
A:    The red pop cans are covered with sticky substance to trap apple pests.

Q:    How many apple varieties are here at Apples On Oak?
A:    There are over 100 varieties in the orchard.

Q:    How do you know when the apples are ripe?
A:    Lift tan apple gently with a twist and the apple will fall off in your hand and when cut open the seeds are brown.

Q:    Are the trees in this orchard raised from seed?
A:    These trees have not been raised from seeds.  They are cloned (grafted)
        from the original apple, which was raised from seed.  Some of these varieties
        are 100 years old, while others are just a few years old.

Q:    How do you get different apples on one tree?
A:    The apples are grafted (cloned) on particular branches when the tree is young.